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Welcome to Future Thinking.

"Future Thinking" aims to stimulate non technical readers with
commentary on the rapidly evolving world of Technology by
exploring less obvious connections and trends and trying to
identify potentially disruptive technologies.

Such disruptive Technologies often dramatically change the
way we use, see, or interact with our world, so much so that
we often cannot remember life without them.

Recent examples are the Internet (email), Mobile phones and
the Personal Home Computer. Each of these examples
spawned whole new industries and created new Industrial
Giants such as Cisco, Nokia, Compaq and Microsoft.

The world is now changing more rapidly than at any time in
its history and the same applies to business. To be the next
new industrial giant often requires thinking and seeing things

Future Thinking
Harnessing The Power of Inovation and Imagination
Future:- The time yet
to come. Undetermined
events that will occur
in that time. Prospect,

Thinking:- n. Opinion
or judgment. Contrary
to all fashionable
thinking. The process
of thought. adj. using
Philosophy, judgement,
assesment, belief.

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