Writing about yourself is rarely easy. When I set out to pen this online version of my working life it was with the intention of trying to create something less flat and two dimensional than a standard CV. I wanted those who read it to experience not just what I have achieved but also some of the passion, excitement and above all fun that doing what you feel good at and enjoy, brings to the soul.

I have met many great people some of whom touched and taught, always leaving a little a bit of themselves with me. I have had the opportunity to work in and with diverse cultures, seeing and experiencing at first hand Japanese thoroughness, German engineering excellence, Asian business acumen and American "can do attitude".

I have been privileged and lucky to work with some outstanding people from Industry, Government, Academia and the Public Sector, from these I have tried to learn. The IFF introduced me to some extraordinarily gifted individuals who collectively helped stretch my thinking to explore many new ideas.

My Résumé has been arranged in chronological order and can be accessed by clicking the menu links on the top of this page. For the sake of brevity the text has been kept short however, where more information is available a link is be made to a separate page that can be accessed for more detail.

In addition to the basic Résumé there are a number of links that will take you to further material, this may take form of links to organizations with which I have or have had an involvement, links to news coverage or archive material and photographs. Later I hope to add a more informal section.

Thank you for taking the time and showing an interest in this Web Page. I have tried to keep things simple, easy to navigate and use. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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