METIS Partners
"Working with Metis Partners was a rewarding exercise as we were able to further assess and analyse our business using its well-defined methodology. It really helped us take an inward look at our business and gain a new perspective on where the value is being created within our business at the moment and where it could be in the future."

Les Hutchison, VP Shaw Pipeline Services (part of Shawcor PLC)
METIS Partners
We specialise in helping companies identify the hidden assets (often called intellectual assets) that exist within their business and then to recognise how they can use that insight and knowledge to drive sustainable business growth and support innovation.

The process starts with raising awareness among the management team about the value of the intellectual assets that already exist in their business and the impact of ignoring or potentially losing them.

Metis Partners capture a snapshot of where the value is in a company - its corporate DNA. Management can then use this knowledge to develop a strategy that will deliver business objectives by effectively utilising all of the company's resources and assets.

Why Metis Partners?

If you are not sure if your business has any hidden value, then ask yourself two simple questions:

Q - If you were to sell your business, would it be for net asset value or would the value of goodwill form part of the price? If so, what is that goodwill made up of?

Q - What is your business really good at that differentiates it from competitors?

The responses are usually representative of some of the hidden value in a business. It's about moving beyond the balance sheet and looking at the sorts of intellectual assets that exist in the business: the value in key processes, partnerships, customer relationships, brand, organisational knowledge, intellectual property and people.

When companies begin to think about value, they can significantly improve their ability to raise new funding, win new business, develop strategy, plan an exit or succession, or build valuable partnerships that can provide the foundation for sustainable growth in turnover and profitability.